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Mime makes the invisible, visible and the visible, invisible.

Marcel Marceau

Ever seen a real life mime? There are many routines, such as the glass box or climb the ladder… Here is pull the rope. ##Chevassus##mime

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Feel free to reach out to Beau Chevassus for a performance estimate:

Depending on the season, mime performances are charged on an hourly basis. Chevassus’ speciality is ‘roving,’ which is a form of wandering, interacting, and playing with people. You may have seen him at Pike Place Market doing this very roving!

Much of roving is improve performance with classic “illusions” (e.g. trapped in a glass box) incorporated throughout the spontaneous moments.

Chevassus is located in Enumclaw Washington, but he performs worldwide depending on his schedule. You’re also welcome to follow him or send him a message on Facebook:


Seattle Mimes: Video (raw) sample, how to mime like a professional – Basics

Seattle Mimes: How to Mime with Beau Chevassus

Contact for hiring and pricing:

What is miming?
Miming is the art of making the invisible visible.
Pantomime itself has been around for 1,000s of years (dating back to ancient Greek theatre), however modern mime as popularized by Marcel Marceau is traditionally silent.

There are many traditions built into this art form, from the makeup and costume to the “rule” of not speaking.

Fun fact: Traditionally modern mime is only allowed one prop. A chair.
And the only thing the mime can do with that chair is sit in it. (I.e. he cannot pick it up and turn it into a flamethrower)

Top 5 Myths about Mimes

  1. “Mimes are scary” – No, mimes are very lovable, fun-leaving beings. The audience is never in danger and always ends up interacting in jovial ways with these Seattle mimes. Clowns on the other hand are terrifying. My gosh, stay away.
  2. “Mimes can’t talk” – When the costume is full complete, correct: mimes cannot talk. However when a mime takes an article of clothing off (e.g. a glove), he can talk.
  3. “Mimes don’t have feelings” – The mime’s favorite emotion is passion. And love.
  4. “Mimes only wear black and white stripes” – Every mime has his own costume.  Beyond the Glass Box adheres to the traditional ‘sailor’ shirt with suspenders and a beret (French hat).  But with a twist: The glasses add a level of sophistication that is exclusive to Beyond the Glass Box Seattle mimes.
  5. “Mimes always get trapped in glass boxes” – Actually yes, this is entirely 100% true.

“Stand up for mimes; give them a voice.”

– Beyond the Glass Box Mimes

Seattle Mimes – The Best Classic, Silent Entertainment in King County

Beyond the Glass Box Seattle Mime

Truly the silent type, Beau Chevassus has mimed from Pike Place to Paris.  Chevassus is an expert at the art of pantomime—the ability to make the invisible visible.  From something as simple as being in a glass box to adopting the characteristics of a robot, with gloves on and classic black and white stripes, prepared to have the words taken out of your mouth.

Please note!  Beyond the Glass Box mimes have been incredibly busy as of late!  While we are extremely friendly folks, and we always welcome a telephone call, please be mindful that our schedules have been extremely tight.

Thank you kindly,

-Beyond the Glass Box Mimes



  • Specializing in “roving” (interacting with live audiences)
    • Extensive background in improv theatre allows Beyond the Glass Box to think quickly and stay one step ahead of the audience.
  • Full length stage performances available upon request and reservation
  • Short sketches (performances) in one space. “Busker” or classic street performer style