About BGB

Beyond the Glass Box consists of Parker Matthews and Beau Chevassus.  Both are Whitworth College (Spokane) graduates; Matthews having degrees (2) in Theatre and Psychology and Chevassus having degrees (2) in Theatre and Religion. They have been miming together for two and half years.  When not miming, Matthews enjoys dramatic theatre roles (e.g. Shakespeare), playwriting, cooking, kittens, and plucking out tunes on his mandolin.  Chevassus enjoys Martial Arts, videography, theology, and BBQ sauce. Both reside in Seattle Washington.

Heartfelt thank-yous from Matthews and Chevassus are extended to Jesus Christ, their awesome parents (Sunny & Jerry Chevassus and Tim & Linda Park), Liz, Rik, Petrushka, Rick Horner, Diana Trotter, Brooke Kiener, Alex Smith, Thomas Robinson, and the many friendly passersby on the streets all over the country. Thank you.

Ladies and Gentleman, please enjoy Beyond the Glass Box.

Matt and Beau Mime show Whitworth Univeristy/CollegeBeau Chevassus & Parker Matthew