Top 5 Myths about Mimes

  1. “Mimes are scary” – No, mimes are very lovable, fun-leaving beings. The audience is never in danger and always ends up interacting in jovial ways with these Seattle mimes. Clowns on the other hand are terrifying. My gosh, stay away.
  2. “Mimes can’t talk” – When the costume is full complete, correct: mimes cannot talk. However when a mime takes an article of clothing off (e.g. a glove), he can talk.
  3. “Mimes don’t have feelings” – The mime’s favorite emotion is passion. And love.
  4. “Mimes only wear black and white stripes” – Every mime has his own costume.  Beyond the Glass Box adheres to the traditional ‘sailor’ shirt with suspenders and a beret (French hat).  But with a twist: The glasses add a level of sophistication that is exclusive to Beyond the Glass Box Seattle mimes.
  5. “Mimes always get trapped in glass boxes” – Actually yes, this is entirely 100% true.

“Stand up for mimes; give them a voice.”

– Beyond the Glass Box Mimes


Founder and President of Knok Studio and Chevassus Studios. Also co-founder of Kalos Agon Intl.

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